Sunday, March 27, 2005

Making Pop Fiction

Patrons at Soul Food will be aware that I have been working with Sarah Boland to introduce Pop Fiction to the classes at LaTrobe. The project has been so successful that we are already planning the next book to introduce to the school.

In third term I expect to be working with Anthony Eaton an Australian writer with a number of successful books under his belt. This Easter I read through a stack and the most gripping of the pile was 'New Kind of Dreaming.'

An Amazon review sums up the story line. "In the desolate Australian bushland lies a mysterious town where Jamie Riley is sent to live for two years in foster care for car theft. The 17-year-old comes to realize that things are dreadfully amiss in sleepy Port Barren, and he is soon drawn into the mystery that eats away at the heart of the town and threatens to do him in. Soon Jamie, once the pursued, begins to pursue justice and finds the secret long buried that still haunts the area. This thriller is bound to enthrall even the most reluctant reader. At times surreal and dreamy, the careful writing is as spare as the countryside it describes. In fact, Eaton has breathed life into the setting so that it exists as another character. A well-rounded, thoroughly enjoyable story, adeptly told."

At this stage though it will be the quite funny 'Nathan Nuttboard Hits the Beach' that I introduce to readers from Prep through to Year 9. I think they will have a lot of fun making digital art to represent some of the events in this little gem.


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